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Parsha of the Week

      This weeks parsha is parshas Shmini. On the eighth day when the kohanim and the mishkan were being prepared for service ,Nadab and Abihu brought incense on the Golden Altar without any permission. Moshe and aharon asked Hashem to send a fire  down. Hashem sent a fire and the fire killed Nadab and Abihu instantly.After they were killed aharon did not complain but instead he kept queit about what happened a Hashem rewarded him by teaching him new halachot.
      The signs of a kosher animal are:

  1. The animal must have split hooves 
  2. The animal must chew it's cud 
      The signs of a kosher fish:
  1. The fish must have fins
  2. The fish must have scales

Shabbat Shalom! Have a Good Shabbos!