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Parsha of the Week

In this parsha there is a story that there is a very rich, and stingy man.He almost never gives money or food to anyone .So once he saw a homeless man at a shul and this rich man Rueven invited this homeless man and this homeless man is happy because he thinks that he is going to be talking about Torah and eating FOOD but this Rueven was talking about Torah and eating really good food and didn't give any food to this homeless man .So they finished the meal and the torah talk and then the homeless man went back to the shul and on the way there the homeless man DIED and the whole city knew the last place he was at was a6t rueven's house and that this man died because of Rueven and Rueven was very sadfor this sin he had done so he went to a rabbi and the rabbi said to Rueven that to be forgiven for this sin you must take your tefillin and tallis and write a note to your family saying that "I am leaving for a while."and go to the shul that you found this homeless man and dress like a homeless man and stay there for 12 months DO NOT go to anyone's home and eat there but you can go to your home to eat without your family knowing it is you so he went to the a house (his house) and knocked on the door and the maid answered and the family is trained not to give food or money to anyone but he keeps on knoking so the maid gave him a pice of dry bread and a cup of water.And when the 12 months were over he made a big party and invited everyone in the community and all the homeless people in the city and in his ragy clothing he sat in rueven's seat and people were yelling at him "get out of his seat" and he said i an him they where all like get out you crazy person NOW!!! He went in his room and dressed in his normal clothing and heled the raged clothing up and said this was me