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Parsha of the Week

In this parsha it speaks about Pidyon Haben ,how to redeem your first born son .If someone has a first born which is a male baby then the father must redeem this child for the price of five silver coins.They would take the five silver coins and give it to almost any Cohen. Then the child is the family's to keep forever.

In this Parsha Pharoah didn't want the Jewish people to be powerful. But he couldn't kick them out because the Jews were the ones who built  such things as buildings and pyramids.The Jewish people also were the ones lifting brick from one place to another place. (Pharoah said)"If the Jews stay they can secretly leave or they can help our enemies be against us". in case there is a war they might help the other side. Pharoah had an idea that he should enslave all the Jewish people this way they can't leave or be against us.We will still have the Jews to build and to make pyramids.But the Jewish people would not just come and work.So Pharoah made an announcement saying we need help for building and Pharoah himself started to work.When most of the Jewish people got there the Egyptians said for every one brick you do you get one solid gold brick for yourself . At the end of the day they asked everyone how much they did and they told everyone there how ever much you did you have to do the same amount tomorrow if not your children will be used instead of the brick. Also You will not be getting your Gold Solid Brick . Pharoah thought he can't make there be less Jews. But even when he made the Jews work there were still a lot more Jewish people .First Pharoah ordered midwifes to secretly kill the male babies when they are born. Then have the Egyptians to throw the babies in the the river (Nile) and finally have Egyptian solders searching Jewish homes for hidden infants (babies)