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Parsha of the Week

Yakkov  lived  in  Egypt  for  seventeen  years .The  time  came  of  his  death   approaching .He  called  his  son  Yosef.  He  said  to  him  "Please  If  I  have  found  favor  in  your  eyes"  please  put  your  hand  under my  thigh .Please  do  not  bury  me  in  Egypt.  Bury  me  next to my  father . You  shall  bring  me  there.  Yakkov  died at  the  age  of  one  hundred  and  forty  seven.

The meaning of Yosef placing his hand under the thigh of Yakkov is to show the fact that Yosef is taking an oath, swear.

Last week we left off with the eleven tribes/brother going to the palace in and the prime ministers son put the special cup in the bag of Binyomin because his father the prime minister (Yosef )told him to. prime minister (Yosef ) went after the eleven tribes/brothers and then he stopped them.He said some one stole my cup. He searched them all from oldest to the youngest.He found it in Binyomin's bag who is the youngest of them.This week Yehuda the third oldest tells yosef that they can't take Binyomin as his prisoner. He and his brothers were willing to fight and die to save Binyomin. The Prime Minister (Yosef ) said what about your other brother you didn't fight you let him go. They said how does the prime minister (Yosef ) know our brother.Then the prime minister (Yosef ) said i am Yosef your brother that second they all died and except Yosef.Yosef asked Hashem please don't kill my brothers my father had enough suffering.Then hashem sent the angle Rephael and the brothers came back alive

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Yaakov was in Haran and went to Beer'sheva to see his father.He had to cross the Jordon River while going he remembered that he has forgotten his jugs and he went back to his this tent to get the jugs that he had forgot there.Then he had an encounter with esav's angle on this night. They fought till the morning and that moment the angle said i have to go back to the heavens i can't be here now. So Yaakov said i will not let you go ; give me a blessing and then i will let you go back to the heavens. The angle said what is your name? Yaakov said my name is Yaakov . The angle said your new name is Israel because you have fought with Hashem's angle.