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Parsha of the Week

Avraham is told to go out of Charan go to the Land of Canaan. When he arrived , they are made to leave Canaan,because of a famine, and he has to travel to Mitzrayim in search of food.

Avraham separates from his brother-in-law Lot.Hashem tells Avraham that he will have children(nations) who would be as many children as the stars.
Avraham is forced to rescue Lot from captivity. when he is doing this, he adjusts the balance of power in Canaan and is recognized by the other political leaders for
his military .

Avram is 70 years old. Sarah tells Avram to marry Hagar.The birth of Yishmael is told. Following the birth of Yishmael Avram's name is changed to Avraham.

Avraham is presented with the Mitzvah of circumcision . Sara's name is changed to Sarah, and Hashem assures Avraham he and Sarah will have a son called Yitzchak. It is the year 2047 and Avraham circumcises himself, Yishmael, and his entire household.