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Parsha of the Week

This week’s Parsha is Parshas Emor. One must be careful not to become spiritually unclean from a dead body since they must be spiritually pure to be able to prepare to eat from the korbon. A Kohen may become spiritually unclean for the “Seven relatives”- father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, wife and someone who dies with no one to bury him. A Kohen cannot marry a woman who is divorced or a woman who married someone who she was not allowed to.

A Jewish person must honor a Kohen with high priority. For example, when there is a meal the Kohen should be served first and when he washes his hands to eat he should wash first, just as he should be given the honor to say the blessing over the bread. After the meal, the Kohen also says the grace after the meal.
Teruma is a portion of crops that we give to a Kohen. The following people may eat from the Teruma; The Kohen, his wife, his children, his slaves (not Hebrew slaves) and his animals.
One may not bring an animal to offer as a sacrifice if the animal is not physically perfect (has a blemish) the animal has to be at least 8 days old. One may not sacrifice a mother animal or the mother’s child.

Shabbat Shalom! Have a Good Shabbos!