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Parsha of the Week

From the Mishkon each of the Levi son's carried, Gersnhon carried the curtain's and covers. Merari carried the wooden parts ( poles , posts , and hooks) and bases. The Khas carried vessels, the holy articles. The families of Gershon and Merari carried the parts Mishkon in wagons , khos carried the vessels on their shoulders. The working Leviim were counted from 30 through 50 (the total was 8,580.)

Hashem keeps counting the Jew's because they are his Children and so dear to him and they are treasures. The method used to count the Jew's was every man from the age of Twenty year's old donated 1/2 a shekel which was counted by Moshe, Aharon and twelve head's of the tribe. The tribe Levi was not counted with the other's because the had not worshiped the the golden calf (they did not die in the desert.) The tribe Yehuda was the biggest with 74,600 and tribe Menashe was the smallest, with 32,300.The Mishkon was in the center of the camp. Moshe,Aharon,and the Kohanim Camped outside of the Mishkon,and the families of the Levi,Gershon,kehas and Merari camped around it.

hem said, if you learn the Torah
I will give not too much rain and not too little, the food will grow well and will last a very long time. No "bad" animals will be in the land (The one's eating the crops.) We will win our wars easily. We will have the holy temple and Hashem will be close to us .

If we do not learn Torah
I will give too much rain or too little, the food will not grow well and will not last a very long time. "Bad" animals will be in the land (The one's eating the crops.) We will not win our wars easily. We will not have the holy temple and Hashem will not be close to us.

Even when we're in Galut, Hashem will watch over us, that "our" enemy's will not destroy us, because we are "His Children".


A Rabbi gave everyone in line a $1.00 and a Bracha and it was the soldier's turn and he got 25 cents. He went back into the line, he waited it was his turn again. The Rabbi said" Haven't you asked me already?" Then he went to his friends house, he was spending time. After that there was a shooting on this street, he went home and the Man that was shooting saw the the uniform of a solider and he thought that he was going to capture him, so he shot him in the heart but the coin that he received from Rabbi saved his life. But he was only bruised.