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Parsha of the Week

This week’s Parsha is Parshas Tazria and Metzora, and speaks about Loshon Hora.  צרעת (leprosy) is a type of disease you get when you say Loshon Hora. צרעת (leprosy) is unusual spots on a person’s body, house, hair, etc. If a person thinks he has צרעת (leprosy) then he must be examined by a כהן (Kohen) who then could Say if he is טמא (spiritually unclean) or טהור (spiritually clean). If the Kohen isn’t sure whether the spot is צרעת (leprosy) then the person must be placed in isolation for seven days and the Kohen must examine the person again after those seven days.  If the Kohen still isn’t sure if it is צרעת (leprosy), the person must be isolated for 7 more days. If the person is טמא (spiritually unclean) he must go outside the camps, since the person separated himself by talking Loshon Hora, and now he must think over and do Teshuva, repentance, by himself. If the clothing has צרעת (leprosy), then the clothing should be burned. A מטהר (one who had צרעת (leprosy) but is now purifying himself) must bring:

 1)      Two birds – because the birds chattered as he did
 2)      תולעת שני – A red ribbon and אזוב-moss, since these are low things to teach modesty
 3)      עץ ארז-A piece of a tall tree to show that one considered himself too big

One of the birds is slaughtered over spring water, showing that one hopes that the צרעת (leprosy) will stay dead and away. The second bird is dipped in the water along with the other things, and then the צרעת (leprosy) and the bird are sent away, but the צרעת (leprosy) could return just like the bird might return.

The מטהר now cuts all his hair and washes his clothing and himself in a Mikvah. After seven days he must repeat. On the 8th day the מטהר must bring an offering with oil and the Kohen places some blood of the offering and the oil of the מטהר‘s right ear, thumb, and foot forefinger.

Shabbat Shalom! Have a Good Shabbos!