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Parsha of the Week

This weeks parsha is parshas Noach. Instead of doing a normal Dvar Torah about the parsha, because it is the binging of the Torah I will write (talk) about the proofs of G-d.

Before you can say Hashem made the world,you should ask yourself, Is Christianity real? Is Judaism real? How do I really know. I have two examples about the proofs of G-d.

Example number one is that someone designed this room we are in for example that picture over there. I mean do you really think that somehow many different colors just happened to go on the canvas to look exactly like the picture.Wait a second how was the canvas made? A person who don't believe in G-d or G-ds would say oh little particles fly towards each other and the particles mixed and became a canvas.

Example number two is the following: Imagine that you are in a forest not far from a place which many tornadoes occur.You are walking in the forest and you see a new camera. How did it get there?  An atheist would say the tornado had metal pieces inside it and they mixed which caused a new camera, but how did the camera get in the middle of the forest An atheist would say the tornado threw the camera in the forest.

Scientists say that the chance for a non-living thing to become living is 120,000    

Shabbat Shalom! Have a Good Shabbos!