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Parsha of the Week

        This weeks parsha is Parshas Vayera. The story takes place on the 3rd day after Avrahams breit. This is the most painful day after a breit. So Hashem decided to make it a really hot day, this way Avraham would not have to have any guests and can relax. However Avraham was mad because no guests were coming, so hashem sent him 3 angles. Their names were Gabriel, Michael, and Rephael. When Avraham saw them he thought they were Arabs, so he told them to wash their feet before coming in, because Arabs worship G-d's and they are Tumeh (spiritually unclean).After Avraham served them they reveled themselves as angles from Hashem and they said what they were told to say. Gabriel said he was sent to destroy Sedom. Michael said he was sent to cure Avraham. Rephael said he was sent to say that Sarah will have a baby boy in One year.

        The lesson from this is that you should treat Non- Jewish people nicely and treat them like you


Shabbat Shalom! Have a Good Shabbos!