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Parsha of the Week

This week’s parsha is parshas Nitzavim and Vayeilech and a verse says “See I am placing before you today a choice of life and good or death and bad.”

Why is the verse saying you have a choice? Why would you want to choose death? The answer is that Hashem gives us a choice, if you want to you can pick death if not you do not have to. Another reason you have free choice is that if you do something that is good you will get more reward because it is your choice.
Another question to the verse above is: Why did Hashem add in the word “Today” when this happened over three thousand years ago? Rav Moshe Feinstein Z”TL explains that in the parsha when moshe is giving a Mussar to the Jewish people it is read close to Rosh Hashana to teach us to do Teshuva (repentance). A person might think, “I have done so much wrong up until now, how can I possibly change?” Therefore the torah says “Today” to teach us that you can change any day you want and become good.

Shabbat Shalom! Have a Good Shabbos!