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Parsha of the Week


Moshe sent out one spy from tribe, there was a total of twelve spy's altogether who went to the land of Kanaan. The Spies were supposed to find out if there was a good land and sufficient water sources, if the cities were walled, and if the people were strong enough and worthy to remain in the land.

When the spies returned, they brought back with them giant fruits, including one huge cluster of grapes and said, that the land is full of strong and big people, just like their fruits. The land swallows up its people, they are always dying, and they are giants. After people heard these reports, they wanted to return to Mitzrayim, because they thought it was safer than Kanaan, and they tried to stone Yehoshua and Kaleb.

This sad event happened on the 9th of Av, Tisha B'Av. We consider it a terrible day, because the Jewish people became hesitant and fearful. The Jewish people doubted Hashem's strength as the Almighty and lost their basic Faith in Hashem. It was because of this loss of faith that the Jewish people had suffered many more tragedies later on in history.

Moshe changed Yehoshua's name by adding the Hebrew letter "Yud". His original name was Hoshea, and by adding the "Yud" it became Yehoshua. "Yud" is Hashem's name, and this represents that Hashem should protect Yehoshua and save Yehoshua from the other spies's ideas.


Shabbat Shalom! Have a Good Shabbos!