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Parsha of the Week

      This week’s parsha is parshas Bamidbar. In this Parsha we learn about Hashem counting the Jewish people and we learn about the Mishkon. Why is it so important to Hashem to count the Jews? It is important to Hashem to count the Jews because Hashem holds the Jews so dear, they are his “chosen people”, and one counts things they find valuable over and over again. The Tribe Yehuda was the largest Tribe with 74,600 people and the smallest Tribe Menashe with 32,000 people. The Tribe Levi was not counted since they did not participate in the golden calf (When people were making and worshiping a golden calf which they had made of Jewelry).How did Hashem count the Jews? Hashem counted the Jews with a special method; each man from the age of twenty (which meant he was ready to join the army) donated ½ shekel which is Israeli currency. The coins were counted by Moshe Rebbeinu, Aharon, and the 12 heads of the tribes.

       Originally the firstborns were supposed to do the holy or special work in the Mishkon since they were saved and not killed in the plague of the firstborns. The firstborns bowed down to the golden calf and lost their privilege to do the work. So instead of the firstborns doing the work the tribe Levi which once again did not participate in the golden calf got the privilege to do the holy work.

Shabbat Shalom! Have a Good Shabbos!