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Parsha of the Week

This Parsha speaks about The Ten Commandments. The five Commandments between you and Hashem are:

1)I am Hashem, your G-d, who took you out of Egypt. 
2) Do not serve any other G-ds.
3) Do not say Hashem's name in vain.
4) Remember to keep Shabbos/Shabbat day.
5) Honor your Father and Mother.
The five mitzvot between a person and his fellow are:
6) Do not kill.
7) Do not commit adultery.
8) Do not kidnap.
9) Do not be a false witness.
10) Do not be jealous of your friends' house (belongings).

Wait, why is the Commandments honor your Father and Mother in the section of a person's relationship between him and Hashem? The answer to this is that there are three partners in a making of a child-the mother and the father provide the human body, shape, nerves, etc...Hashem provides the soul, which is the most important because the soul is like a battery. If there is no battery, in an object which uses batteries this object will not work.Same with a human.

          Also on another note, when you use a GPS and you go the wrong way, does it say you are not smart? No, it just reroutes you which way to go. That is what a parent should do for their child. If the child makes a mistake then the parent should guide the child the right way .